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Born on July 14th, Jacques Couturier was predestined to transform the sky, the stars and the landscapes into an ephemeral fairy tale. For more than 30 years, Jacques Couturier Organisation has been the embodiment of the Haute Couture dressed sky…


34 years ago Jacques COUTURIER was 41 years old. A teacher in the Vendée, he resigned to pursue his passion for fireworks and created the Jacques Couturier Organisation (J.C.O.) in 1988. J.C.O. will be 35 years old in 2023 and Jacques COUTURIER always celebrates its birthday on 14 July !
1990, J.C.O. is not yet 2 years old... Faxes are exchanged with DMD Production and JCO signs the special effects and pyrotechnic sequences for Michel DRUCKER's last CHAMPS ELYSEES show at the Futuroscope ! This is a great achievement for the small company.
J.C.O. represents France at the prestigious international fireworks competition in Monaco. Taking part in the competition is an honour... and a formidable challenge : the festival has been running for 31 years, and France had never won before! J.C.O. won the first prize with a "pyropoetic" show in homage to Verlaine and Rimbaud.
31 December 1999, the storm blows in France, but the J.C.O. team has taken off for its first international adventure: to mark the passage to the year 2000 in Florianopolis, Sao Paulo, Rio, Cabo Frio, etc. "Stars made in France" light up the sky of the Brazilian coast.
Joseph COUTURIER wins the first prize at the Macau fireworks competition "The 5 Continents Festival", one of the most famous in the world. Then at the "World Fireworks Festival" in Liuyang, China (Liuyang is the fireworks capital of the world). J.C.O. was invited to compete following his success in Macau ... and won the first prize.
The Eiffel Tower on July 14th. A real challenge! Putting on the show in only 2 days ! " This fireworks display was a moment of pure visual magic, enhanced by effects as delicate as they were innovative. For these moments of poetry and emotion, I wanted to express my sincere thanks. " [Bertrand DELANOE Mayor of Paris]
J.C.O. is still accelerating its development at regional, national and international level. Things develop fast, very fast : the company creates jobs, undertakes the construction of a first pyrotechnic depot, which quickly proves to be too small ... Then invests in constructing a large pyrotechnic site '' Planète Artifices '', Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment (I.C.P.E.).
JCO produces the monumental pyromusical show in the bay of Monaco, for the Wedding of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.
« Pierrot le feu » - Fête des Lumières (Lyon) - Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire, Pierrot of light…
A multimedia festival which covered the Place Bellecour in poetry. Given magical powers, Pierrot leaps and bounds, passing in the blink of an eye from the video screen to a great river of flame. In this space drowned in sound and light, Pierrot transports the crowd to another world.
Hellfest Open Air: Creation of a monumental firework display for the 10th edition of the festival, then in 2016, the 10th anniversary of its creation and a tribute to the famous musician Lemmy Kilmister.
« Sans Dessus Dessous » - Fête des Lumières (Lyon) - A video, SFX, sound and light show. Loosely based on the work of Jules Verne, this show taps into this universe, both imaginative and popular, to transport spectators to the heart of a modern fantasy story.
JCO innovates and invents JCO 3.0®. Created to shake up the conventions of events, JCO 3.0® amazes and reveals the soul of the artist that lies dormant in each of us... the spectator directs the staging of special effects, like a pro !
The adventure continues with some nice surprises in store…
JCO - Planete Artifices

The JCO team is a vast network of technicians and artists. Builders, specialists, experts and poets of all kinds, touched by the same grain of madness... all driven by the same love of the show and of creation.

JCO - Planete Artifices
Men and Women

The JCO team combines the masculine and the feminine : a fine human and artistic adventure.
A team spirit since more than 30 years : an irresistible desire to offer the public happiness and emotion.

Chevaliers des Arts et des Lettres

2017 - Nomination of Jacques Couturier
and Joseph Couturier " Chevaliers des Arts
et des Lettres" by the Minister of Culture.
" [...] to reward them for their creations
in the field of pyrotechnic and multimedia
shows and for the innovative character of
their creations. Jacques and Joseph Couturier
were able to elevate the fireworks show to
the level of artistic creation and contributed
to the influence of the arts in France
and throughout the world. "

Planète Artifices

Planète Artifices is the JCO group's
"treasure box". 200 tons of fireworks,
real gems for JCO creations ;
more than 3000 references of 
very high quality products, selected
on the international fireworks market
and among the most beautiful in the world ! 
... with a whole exclusive range of original
and innovative effects. A real treasure chest
for the composition of your fireworks show.

The site
An industrial site in a green setting

Planète Artifices, ICPE :
Installation Classified for the Protection
of the Environment. Safety to SEVESO
high threshold standards. Approved site
for the destruction of pyrotechnic waste.



When producing its shows,
JCO is concerned about the positive
impact of its actions with regard to its CSR ;
vigilance on the social aspect
and on the whole of its logistical, technical
and environmental chain.
CSR certification in progress.